The City of El Monte is soliciting one or more qualified professional firm(s) to conduct an Operational Efficiency Study on the performance of the City’s primary services of Public Safety; Public Works; Economic Development/Planning; Parks & Recreation, and Administration. The objective is to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of the City’s operations to identify the optimal operating efficiency for each department by determining the appropriate staffing levels while identifying cost saving measures to eliminate redundancies, waste, inefficient or unnecessary operations as well as incorporating information technology to automate processes to increase productivity and other means to maximize operational efficiencies.

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City of El Monte RFP - Operational Efficiency Study


Under the authority of the City of El Monte Municipal Code, Section 3.24; the Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of products and services, maintenance of City bidder lists, disposal of surplus City property and operation of City warehouse / storeroom.

Purchasing Policy & Procedures

The Purchasing Department is not responsible for public works engineering  projects and/or contracts.


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