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LOCATION: 3700 Monterey Avenue (Assessor Parcel Numbers [APNs]: 8575-017-909, 8575-019-907, 8575-019-908, 8575-019-910 through -914, 8575-021-932, 8575-021-934, 8575-021-936, 8575-022-922, and 8575-022-925), Court Adair, King Court, and portions of El Monte Avenue, Railroad Street, and Monterey Avenue (A full legal description of the property is on file in the office of the El Monte Planning Division).  
The project proposes to construct 87 new condominium townhomes, a new 0.79-acre city park, a 6,220 square foot (sf) pedestrian paseo (El Monte Paseo), and remedial actions described as follows:

The applicant, MJW Investments, LLC., proposes to construct 18 three-story, 40-foot-tall, multi-family residential buildings, totaling 87 condominium townhome units, and associated private driveways on a new 3.7584-acre lot. This project area includes Court Adair and King Court which will be abandoned and a portion of Railroad Street which would be vacated, for the new development.

The condominium townhome units would have three to four bedrooms and two to three bathrooms (unit size ranges between approximately 1,387 gross sf and 1,837 gross sf) and would include a two-car garage (approximately 456 sf to 565 sf). Some townhome units would include flex space, a porch, and/or a deck. A minimum of 200 sf of private and common open space is proposed per unit.

Vehicular access to the project site would be provided via Valley Boulevard and Railroad Street, which would connect to the residential project’s internal roadway network. The project would include a total of 201 parking spaces (174 garage spaces and 27 guest spaces, including four spaces for the park and two American Disability Act [ADA] van-accessible spaces).

The project also includes the construction of a 0.79-acre city park. The new park (at 0.6498 sf in area) would provide two playgrounds, swings, benches, picnic tables, shade structures, restrooms, an art sculpture, and landscaping for residents and the community, and four public parking spaces. The park development also includes APN 8575-022-922 (at 6,825± sf in area) which will be programmed in the future.
To accommodate the proposed development, Monterey Avenue would be shortened in length to provide an area for the proposed city park. The modified portion of Monterey Avenue would remain to provide access to the existing multi-family residence at the southwestern portion of the site.
The project also includes vacating the westerly 25-foot width of El Monte Avenue within the tract boundary. The easterly 15-foot width of El Monte Avenue will remain a public right-of-way abutting the easterly boundary of the project site. As an offsite improvement, the use of this roadway would be closed to vehicular traffic and converted to a pedestrian walkway that is referred to in the project plans as the El Monte Paseo.

El Monte Paseo, a 6,220-sf walkway, would provide a pedestrian link from Valley Boulevard to the El Monte Metrolink Station and El Monte Trolley Station. The paseo would include entry pilasters, trellises, landscaping/hardscape, decorative pots, benches, a drinking fountain and filling station, an art plinth, and bicycle racks with a bike repair station at the north end.

Remedial Actions - Government Code Section 65962.5 requires the California Environmental Protection Agency to develop an updated Cortese List. The State Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) is responsible for a portion of the information contained in the Cortese List. The analysis for this section includes a review of the following resources to provide hazardous material release information:

- State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) GeoTracker database

- DTSC EnviroStor database

According to GeoTracker, there are two cleanup program sites and one leaking underground storage tank (LUST) cleanup site within the project site (SWRCB 2023). A search of the EnviroStor database identified the project site as a voluntary cleanup site (DTSC 2023).

Under consultation with the DTSC, housekeeping activities were performed on the project site to restore the site to a condition that allows for residential use, which included removing a total of 4.9 cubic yards of soil containing levels of arsenic and lead that exceed regulatory screening levels. A mitigation measure is included in the MND to ensure that the remaining remediation work is completed and final approval from DTSC is obtained.

REQUIRED ENTITLEMENTS: Tentative Tract Map (TTM) No. 83528 to consolidate 12 vacant parcels (4.49 acres) and create Lot 1 at 3.7584 acres in size for 87 condominium townhomes, Lot A at 0.6498 acres in size for a new City Park, and Lot B at 0.0390 acres in size as part of the El Monte Paseo;

Design Review (DR) No. 03-21 to review the site configuration, architectural design, and landscaping for the construction of 87 new three (3)-story townhomes on Lot 1;

Variance (VAR) No. 01-21 for deviating from minimum Station and Monte Vista sub- areas density requirements for Lot 1;

VAR No. 02-21 for deviating from the building form requirements;

General Plan Conformity (GPC) No. 02-2023 to vacate a portion of Railroad Street and to abandon Court Adair, King Court, and portions of Monterey Avenue and El Monte Avenue; and

Development Agreement, if required.
ENVIRONMENTAL DOCUMENTATION: An Initial Study prepared for the project determined that there will be less than significant impacts on the environment because mitigation measures will be incorporated into the project. Therefore, a MND has been prepared. Mitigation measures are provided to lessen potential impacts related to air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, geology and soils, hazards and hazardous materials, noise, and tribal cultural resources. The Planning Commission shall consider adopting the MND as part of their consideration of the project entitlements at a future public hearing and the City Council shall consider adopting the MND as part of their consideration for GPC No. 02-2023.

The full environmental document and supporting technical studies can be found at the City’s Planning Division (located at City Hall West) public counter located at 11333 Valley Boulevard, or available in the links below:

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