Zoning Clearance

Does your project need a Zoning Clearance? You will require a Zoning Clearance if your project is any of the listed project types below:

  • New residential buildings (Up to two (2) detached or attached units per lot);
  • Accessory Dwelling Units;
  • Residential additions to existing buildings or structures;
  • New non-residential structure under 5,000 square feet;
  • Non-residential additions of greater than 25% of existing gross floor area;
  • Patio covers, breezeways, porch covers, and similar structures;
  • Patio enclosures;
  • Property line fences and walls that are more than two (2) feet above the adjacent grade;
  • Decks that are more than two (2) feet above the adjacent grade at any point, 
  • Gazebos, trellises, windscreens and similar improvements;
  • Exterior spas, hot tubs, or swimming pools;
  • Pay telephones, automatic teller machines and vending machines;
  • Storage structures and tool sheds in excess of one hundred twenty (120) square feet in area; or
  • Building murals.

*Other entitlements may be applicable to larger projects or other types not listed.

Steps for Applying for a Zoning Clearance:

  1. Prepare plans for submittal which should include the following:
    1. Site Plan;
    2. Floor Plans; and
    3. Elevations.
  2. Prepare the following items:
    1. Planning Application signed by property owner (original wet signature document required);
    2. Zoning Clearance Fee (subject to increase - refer to Fee Schedule) for first three (3) reviews;
    3. Digital set of plans on digital format; and
    4. One (1) full-size 24" x 36" set of plans
  3. Submit the items above to Planning Staff over the counter.  Planning Division Counter hours are Monday and Wednesday from 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM and Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.  To minimize wait times, please join the waitlist before you plan to visit through the following link: Welcome to Planning Division | Waitwhile 

For additional details see the following link:

Zoning Clearance Information Sheet 

*Additional documentation may be required at the discretion of the project planner and other divisions.