Business Compliance

The Code Enforcement Division works in cooperation with other City departments in the issuance of permits and licenses and enforces various municipal codes relating to commercial, industrial, and manufacturing businesses as well as home officers. Inspections are conducted to ensure code compliance and to promote public health, safety, and welfare.

The following are the types of commercial inspection that are conducted by the City of El Monte Code Enforcement as required by the El Monte Municipal Code.

Commercial Real Estate Inspections

A real estate inspection has to be conducted before the sale of any commercial property within the City. The purpose of the inspection is to address all code violation that may exist on the property that will have to be corrected prior to the close of escrow.

Permit Committee Inspections

Annual inspections are conducted for certain types of businesses that are required to have an additional permit. Businesses included in this category consist of cabaret/dance, mobile vending, second hand dealer, used car dealers, etc.

Business License Inspections

Business License inspections are conducted upon filed grievances to ensure a business is operating with proper permits.