What does it mean to notice a party?

To notice a party means that the party is informed that a copy of the police records have been requested and gives the party an opportunity to object. The notice must include the identity of the person or entity requesting the information, a copy of the petition, where to send or bring an objection and the deadline for when the objections must be submitted  within 20 days if service is by mail or confirmed fax and 15 days if personally served.

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1. What is a juvenile police record?
2. What if the victim or witnesses were minors?
3. Why are juvenile police records confidential?
4. Who is entitled to a copy of juvenile police records?
5. If a person is entitled to a copy of the juvenile police records, where can he/she acquire it?
6. May law enforcement officials provide a copy of the records that has certain information removed?
7. May a person not listed above obtain a copy of the juvenile police records?
8. What does it mean to petition the Juvenile Court?
9. Where can a person obtain a petition form?
10. What information needs to be included in the petition?
11. Where should the petition be sent?
12. What does it mean to notice a party?
13. Who must receive notice?
14. What happens after a petition is submitted?
15. How long will the process take once the petition is submitted to the Juvenile Court?
16. If the petition is granted, how does the petitioner obtain the record?
17. After the petitioner receives a copy, may it be used in any purpose?