Multi-Family Trash Collection

Multi-family buildings include residential developments that consist of four or more residential dwelling units. Such developments are commonly referred to as apartment buildings.

Valley Vista Services provides refuse service to El Monte’s multi-family sector. Contact them at 800-442-6454.

Mandatory Commercial Recycling Bill (AB341)

California passed Assembly Bill 341, requiring mandatory commercial recycling, starting July 1, 2012. Commercial businesses and Multi-family complexes that are affected must be either source separate trash from recyclables on-site or co-mingle trash and recyclables in one container. EL Monte’s service provider does co-mingle trash and recyclables. However, if you generate a lot of recycling material, a separate recycling bin may provide opportunities for your business to save money. For more information, please follow the below link or contact Valley Vista Services at (800) 442-6454 or visit this link for AB341.

New Food & Yard Waste Rules - SB 1383

On October 5, 2021, the El Monte City Council passed the City’s Mandatory Organic Waste Disposal Reduction Ordinance (Ordinance #3006) requiring all residential, commercial and multi-family premises in the City to subscribe to the City’s Organic Waste Reduction Program. The City of El Monte will be implementing various measures to achieve the state-mandated waste diversion goals. Information on food waste for businesses and multi-family compliance can be found at California’s Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy.

SB 1383 - Multi-Family

SB 1383 - Multi-Family (Spanish)

SB 1383 - Multi-Family (Chinese)

SB 1383 - Multi-Family (Vietnamese)