The El Monte Police Department's SWAT Team was formed in 1996.

SWAT provides protection to the El Monte public by responding to unforeseen and potentially violent incidents within the City. SWAT also provides mutual aid to law enforcement agencies in the San Gabriel Valley area.


The mission of SWAT is to provide a quick response to specialized emergency situations involving law enforcement public safety incidents, which require personnel, coordination, equipment and training beyond the scope of regular patrol forces.


The primary purpose of SWAT is to save lives. This includes both law enforcement personnel and members of the community. This is accomplished through the deployment of selected personnel who are trained in special tactics and equipped with the appropriate resources.

Working Between Departments

SWAT is available as an additional resource to the Detective Bureau and Patrol Division to assist in dealing with barricaded suspects, hostage situations, arrest or search warrants, executive and witness protection, criminal disturbances or other situations which require an immediate resource of tactical personnel, or at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

SWAT at Helicopter Day