School Resource Officers

A total of 6 police officers are currently dedicated full-time to the schools within our El Monte community. Each of our three high schools has a School Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to each school campus. There are also 2 SROs assigned to our elementary and middle schools. As part of their work, SROs conduct hundreds of "home visits" per year to resolve issues which may extend from the school yard back to a student's home.

School Numbers

Currently there are 38 public schools in our three city school districts. This number does not include private educational institutions. The total number of high school students often exceeds 6,500 and there are approximately 21,500 students attending our elementary and middle schools.


The SROs assigned to our local high schools provide student counseling and guidance, family counseling, mediation, and function as a liaison between the Police Department and schools. In addition to teaching targeted classes on subject matter such as "staying away from drugs," the SROs also provide campus safety, training for teachers and administrative staff and function as mentors for the students.

The SROs handle and report school incidents, including any incidents involving students or teachers. The SROs receive comprehensive training which enables them to provide classroom and assembly lectures on current issues including personal safety, drug and alcohol education, graffiti, gangs, personal responsibilities, and other topics.

The SROs also participate in school activities and sports programs during and after school hours.