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Public Works Maintenance

The City of El Monte Public Works Maintenance Division is dedicated to providing City residents the highest level of service to ensure optimum maintenance including: street, curb and sidewalk repair, graffiti abatement, sewer maintenance, street signage, traffic signal and street light maintenance, parkway tree maintenance, street sweeping, etc.

The Division prides itself in assisting residents in emergency situations and/or extreme weather conditions as well as supporting community events. Three standby crews are on duty 24-hours a day, 365 days a year for emergencies. Police personnel can reach these emergency standby crews via a paging system. In case of extreme emergency situations, the Superintendent, Supervisors and Secretarial Staff, are all on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Public Works Maintenance Services:

Concrete Asphalt
Fleet Maintenance
Storm Drains / Catch_Basins
Street Striping / Painting
Street Sweeping
Street Truck Crew
Traffic Signal Maintenance
Water Department
Miscellaneous Services

Building Maintenance:

This crew is comprised of a Public Works Maintenance Supervisor, , Carpenter’s Helper, and two Maintenance Workers.

All City buildings, including park buildings, are maintained and necessary structural and cosmetic repairs are made to both interiors and exteriors. Maintenance includes lighting, heating and cooling, remodeling, etc. This crew has performed major reconstruction and construction of City-owned buildings. The Maintenance Workers provide delivery of supplies, perform janitorial functions and facility cleanup and assist other crews with building maintenance functions as needed.


Concrete & Asphalt:

A four-man crew repairs potholes, curb and gutter, sidewalks and installation of wheelchair ramps as needed.


Fleet Maintenance:

The Fleet Maintenance Department is responsible for all maintenance and repair work performed on approximately 170 pieces of equipment of the City’s vehicle and equipment fleet. This Department consists of a Heavy Equipment Mechanic/ Lead-worker, a Heavy Equipment Mechanic and an Equipment Mechanic. This Department has also assisted the Police Department in designing, rebuilding and/or building specialized vehicles and equipment.

Sign Shop:

This crew produces and maintains 960 stop signs, street signs, parking signs, etc. within the City. All repairs are made and signs are maintained to ensure the safety of flowing traffic and pedestrians. This shop also maintains over 28,000 miscellaneous signs throughout the City.

Storm Drains / Catch Basins:

There are 233 storm drains and six underpass pumps in the City that are maintained on a regular basis. These drains and catch basins are essential in alleviating flooding during periods of heavy rains. This crew is also called upon to assist in cleaning up hazardous spills on City streets so that they do not enter the storms drains or percolate into underground drinking water aquifers.


Street Striping / Painting:

All Traffic Legends, as well as pedestrian crosswalks, school zones, red curbs, etc. are maintained on a regular and as-needed basis.


Street Sweeping:

The City currently contracts street sweeping with a private company to sweep over 300 curb-miles on a weekly basis. There is one full-time employee who performs maintenance on the Valey Mall sidewalks, streets, facades, freeways and railroad underpasses.

Street Truck Crew:

When debris is deposited unlawfully on public property, crews remove and dispose of these items. These items include furniture, appliances and other waste. Weed abatement on public property, alleyways and major thoroughfares is also performed on a regular basis by City crews and part-time employees through the Community Relations Office.


Traffic Signal Maintenance:

This Department is comprised of an Electrician’s Helper and a Maintenance Worker. Traffic signal maintenance includes the signals and their timing for smooth traffic flow during peak rush hours. , Repairs include, but are not limited to, pedestrian crossing buttons, poles, wire-pull boxes, light bulbs, etec. All City-owned street lights are also maintained by this crew.



A four-man crew currently maintains over 7,500 trees on City easements. This includes trimming healthy trees, removing diseased or dead trees, and maintenance to trees damaged as a result of traffic accidents, vandalism, or acts of nature. This crew also replaces trees as needed.


Water Department:


This Department is maintained by a Water Systems Supervisor, Senior Water Shift Operator, three Water Shift Operators and a Meter Reader/Repairer. The City currently owns and operates a water system which encompasses the central business district and parts of the northwestern and southern Portions of the City. There are approximately 3,460 active services which serve approximately 22,700 persons. Currently there are Six deep wells, one 1,000,000 gallon reservoir and a 200,000 gallon elevated tank utilized to serve this water supply. Revenue to support the Water Fund is exclusively from the sale of water. In addition to supplying potable water to its customers, the Department is responsible for providing fire protection to the community. This crew is also on a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week stand-by rotation to ensure emergency response and to ensure safe potable drinking water.For additional information on the Water Department, see the Official Water Department site.



The Wastewater Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 8 sewage lift stations, 125 miles of mainline sewer pipeline, and 2687 manholes. This department has recently acquired a new Vactor 2100 Jet Rodder truck for cleaning the system’s main lines, as well as a new state of the art Cues Industries camera truck to assist with the video inspection and recording of the mainlines. This crew is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make emergency repairs as needed through a stand-by program.

Miscellaneous Services:

The Public Works Maintenance Division supplies sand and sandbags to residents for use during extreme rain conditions. Crews are available on a 24-hours basis to barricade streets in case of emergencies, accidents, flooding, community parades and events, etc. Crews maintain the overhead street banners and holiday street lamp decorations. Crews are available to assist other City Departments when requested for community events, elections and any other projects.

General Information

3990 Arden Drive
El Monte, CA 91731
(626) 580-2250
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Hours:  6:00 a.m. -  4:00 p.m.
  Monday through Thursday

Closed on Weekends and Major Holidays


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