Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau of the El Monte Police Department is charged with investigating some of the most serious part I crimes in the FBI's list of crimes. These crimes include robberies, arson, burglaries and grand theft autos. This Division also investigates other crimes with Hispanic or Asian gang implications. This Division is staffed with 13 detectives, a corporal, a sergeant and lieutenant.


The mission of the Detective Bureau is to conduct follow-up interviews on suspects arrested by the Patrol Division. The detectives will also conduct follow-up interviews with crucial witnesses to the crimes to develop and apprehend the suspects that eluded initial capture by the Patrol Division. This can involve preparing and serving search warrants to obtain further evidence that will help to build a solid case against the suspect.


The final part of the detective's job involves communicating the facts of the case to the District Attorney's Office to obtain a criminal complaint from the courts. During the trial, detectives assist the district attorney with case and witness preparation to ensure the facts are clearly communicated to the judge and jury to secure a conviction against the suspect.