Current Projects

Project Name & Address:
Blackcreek Logistics
3900 Arden Drive (APN: 8575-024-043)
Project Description:
The Applicant is requesting approval to develop a 370,992 square foot (sf) concrete tilt up industrial building that would include 20,000 sf of office space, 10,000 sf of mezzanine space, and 340,992 sf of high-cube cold storage warehouse or high-cube transload and short-term storage warehouse uses.  The property is a through lot with frontages along Arden Drive and Valley Circle, approximately 335 feet north of East Valley Boulevard.  The property is within in the M-2 (General Manufacturing) zoning district, is approximately 15.4 acres in size, and currently sits vacant.    The property was previously developed with industrial buildings dating back to approximately 1948.  

Requested entitlements includes:
•    Conditional Use Permit (CUP No. 18-19) for construction of any new primary, non-accessory industrial structure in any M-Zone property within 150 feet of residentially zoned property;
•    Design Review (DR No. 08-19) for a new nonresidential structure of 5,000 square feet or more; and
•    Modification (MOD No. 04-20) to deviate from a maximum allowable fence/wall height of eight (8) feet to allow certain screening walls to be a maximum of 15 feet in height.

This request is made pursuant to the requirements of Chapters 17.20, 17.22, and 17.24 of the El Monte Municipal Code (EMMC).

Environmental Description:
Public Meeting:
Planning Commission Public Hearing
Date:  Tuesday, June 30, 2020 (SPECIAL MEETING DATE)
Time:  7:00 p.m.
Place: El Monte City Hall East – Council Chambers
           11333 Valley Boulevard, El Monte, California

Review Body &
Final Decision:
Planning Commission 
Contact: Nancy Lee, Senior Planner; or (626) 580-2096
KB Home Orchard Street and Cypress Avenue Project
3630, 3640, and 3700 Cypress Avenue and 11312 Orchard Street
Project Description
The Project proposes a residential community consisting of 110 three-story townhomes, at a density of 21.57 DU/net AC. All existing on-site improvements (approximately 159,100 SF) on the 5.69-gross-acre site would be demolished and replaced with the proposed community. Street dedications are proposed along Iris Lane and Orchard Street for 30-foot half-width streets, resulting in a Project site of 5.10 net acres. The Project proposes approximately 71,415 SF of open space, including private open space (in the form of enclosed courtyards on approximately 84 of the 110 units), “usable” common open space, “other” landscaped common open space, walkways and “community trails,” a tot lot, and exercise equipment. A total of 271 off-street parking spaces are proposed, including 220 within two-car garages with direct access to each dwelling unit.
Proposed entitlements are listed as follows:
•    General Plan Amendment (GPA No. 03-19) to change the subject site’s land use designation from Industrial/Business Park and Medium-Density Residential to High-Density Residential;
•    Zone Change (ZC No. 01-19) to change the subject site’s zoning designation from M-2 and R-3 to R-4;
•    Vesting Tentative Tract Map (VTTM No. 82797) to consolidate all parcels and subdivide for 110 residential units;
•    Conditional Use Permit (CUP No. 20-19) for the construction of three or more dwelling units;
•    Variance (VAR No. 03-19) to deviate from minimum private common and private open space requirements; and
•    Modifications (MODs 28-19, 29-19, 30-19, and 36-19) to deviate from off-street parking requirements, front yard setbacks, wall heights, and floor area ratio.
The Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council, with the City Council making the final decision at a future public hearing.

Environmental Description
•   Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (PDF)
•   Appendices

Public Review Period & Meeting
February 11, 2020 to March 2, 2020 (Public Review Period)
Community Meeting
Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place:  El Monte City Hall
City Hall West – Conference Room A
11333 Valley Boulevard
El Monte, CA 91731
Planning Commission Public Hearing
Date:     Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Time:     7:00 PM
Place:    El Monte City Hall East – City Council Chambers
              11333 Valley Boulevard
              El Monte, CA 91731

Review Body & Final Decision
Planning Commission recommendation to the City Council
Nancy Lee, Senior Planner; or (626) 580-2096