Current Projects

Project Name & Address

Green Mountain Alliance LLC
El Monte Green Group LLC
9860, 9866, 9870, and 9874 Gidley Street

Project Description

The Applicants are requesting to conduct commercial medicinal cannabis activities (“project”) pursuant to El Monte City Ordinance No. 2924 within six (6) existing industrial buildings totaling 132,908 square feet located in the M-2 General Manufacturing zone.  The proposed project will be located on a 4.9 acre site with frontage along the west side of Gidley Street. The proposal includes medicinal-only cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution operations.  Medicinal and adult-use commercial cannabis retail activities involving the sale of cannabis and/or cannabis products are strictly prohibited in all zones under Ordinance No. 2924 and are not proposed under the proposed project. The existing buildings will be remodeled and the utilities will be upgraded to accommodate the proposed uses.  Security features, including but not limited to, onsite security and security cameras, will be provided.  A total of 65 parking spaces are proposed.  Access to the project site is provided via an existing driveway located at the western terminus of Gidley Street.

This request is made pursuant to the requirements of Chapters 5.18, 17.24, and 17.84 of the El Monte Municipal Code (EMMC).

El Monte Green Group LLC: Development Agreement (DA) Number 03 to 18, Medicinal Cannabis Conditional Use Permit (MCCUP) Number 13 to 18, 14t 18 and 15 to 18

Green Mountain Alliance LLC: Development Agreement (DA) Number 04 to 18, Medicinal Cannabis Conditional Use Permit (MCCUP) Number 16 to 18, 17 to 18 and 18 to 18

The Planning Commission will serve as the recommending body with the City Council making a final decision at a future public hearing.

Environmental Description

Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (PDF)

Executive Summary (PDF)

Notice of Availability (PDF)

Public Review Period & Meeting

January 8, 2019 to January 28, 2019 (Review Period)

Review Body & Final Decision

Planning Commission recommendation to the City Council


Betty Donavanik, Community and Economic Development Director; Email Betty Donavanik or (626) 258-8626

Project Name & Address

Ramona Boulevard/Valley Boulevard Intersection Improvement Project, Capital Improvement Project (CIP) 805

Intersection of Ramona Boulevard, Valley Boulevard and Valley Mall; Properties to be acquired consist of APNs: 8579-022-028, 8579-021-909, 8567-021-013 and 8568-032-005.

Project Description

Reconstruction of new street medians on the Ramona Boulevard at Valley Boulevard intersection; the addition of a new street median to the west leg of the intersection; increase the length of left-turn and right-turn pockets; and the roadway realignment of Valley Mall. Segments of Ramona Boulevard 200 feet east of Valley Boulevard, and to 200 feet west of Valley Mall would be widened. Additional turning lanes would be added to both Ramona and Valley Boulevard as a result of the proposed street median reconstruction. Several landscaping areas on nearby properties and existing street medians would be enhanced throughout the project site. The widening and improvements require the City to acquire new public street right of way from a portion of three (3) properties (APNs: 8579-022-028, 8579-021-909, 8567-021-013) and acquire all of one (1) property at the northeast corner of Valley Boulevard and Ramona Boulevard (APN 8568-032-005). The total area of the new public street right of way is approximately 14,300 square feet along the Ramona Boulevard at Valley Boulevard intersection. The proposed property acquisitions for the new public street right of way involve non-residential properties, limited landscaping, surface parking areas, and public sidewalks.

Environmental Description:

Initial Study (PDF)

Appendices (PDF)

Notice of Intent (PDF)

Public Review Period and Meeting

December 27, 2018 to January 28, 2019 (Review Period)

February 5, 2017 (Community Meeting) 

Review Body & Final Decision

City Council


Tony Bu, Associate Planner

Email Tony Bu or (626) 258-8626